Artomatix and has a reputation for excellence in providing ultra high quality, photo-realistic textures to make digital human textures. Their work features heavily in award-winning movies, and games.

 The goal of a modern scan-based workflow is to copy and paste objects from the real world into the digital one. Thanks to scanning, virtual worlds are achieving new and unprecedented levels of realism, while also keeping project budgets and timelines under control. The video game and movie industries are embracing this new method of content creation, with more and more titles leveraging scanned content.

Why Now?

Scanning has always existed, but historically there have been three significant barriers to widespread adoption.

1 | Availability of high-quality real-world scans

2 | Affordable tools for capturing raw scans

3 | Economic means of grooming raw scans into render-ready assets.

Built on neural networks that have been refined over many years, the Artomatix platform uses artificial intelligence to mimic the work of an artist and thereby automate these slow, repetitive and mundane tasks, otherwise carried out by the artists themselves. What would previously have from hours to days to complete in the case of a highly complex texture with multiple maps, can now be completed in a matter of seconds through Artomatix making this new business paradigm possible for

The vision for the future of 3D asset creation, shared by and Artomatix, combined with close collaboration in the production of these groomed assets, has enabled the launch of what is a truly unique offering. Until now, it has simply not been possible to offer such a wide variety of pre-processed textures of this quality at a price point that was affordable. The sheer man-day effort associated with processing each individual texture and then producing multiple variants of the same texture for re-use over and over again, made this utterly impractical. In launching this new proposition, have clearly demonstrated their leadership position in this space.