Direct on Mesh Synthesis of PBR Materials

As part of their ongoing mission to disrupt and fundamentally change how 3D content is being created, following on from the launch of ArtEngine’s material synthesis functionality at GDC, Artomatix is delighted to announce that they now support the synthesis of full PBR materials directly on the surface of a 3D mesh.

Commenting on the launch, Artomatix CTO Dr. Eric Risser said

“This innovation is fundamentally different from the way texture artists apply materials onto their 3D models today. Current workflows are dominated by manual painting which is powerful but labor intensive, or there are a few planar projection techniques that can help speed things up, such as tri-planar, which are fast but can lead to repetitious features, seam artefacts, stretching and don’t really lend themselves to artistic controls. On-model synthesis offers a simple but powerful tool to sit alongside the others, where the artist can direct the high-level properties of the material, such as how it flows along the surface of the mesh as well as it’s size at any given position. By leveraging A.I. and an example of the desired material, on-model synthesis can generate a full PBR material over the surface of the mesh, taking UV space into account to create a new unique texture that looks organic while avoiding seams”.

On-model synthesis works great because it performs well not only on simple textures and models but also very sophisticated materials and shapes. To highlight this achievement, Artomatix has put together a small demo highlighting the technology in action. In this demo a fire-breathing gecko is perched on a charred tree branch. This model was textured through the manual painting of a flow and size map directly on the model and then multiple PBR materials were synthesized over the surface of the gecko model and blended together.

Artomatix has been working with some leading AAA studios over the past 3-6 months who are looking to fundamentally update the way they texture their models, their goal is to automatically add the richness and variety of the real world into their digital creations with minimal overhead or disruption to their artistic workflow. By pulling in A.I. that can only be powered by NVIDIA GPUs, Artomatix’s on-model material synthesis achieves this.