Life Experiences Created Through Scan-based Photogrammetry

“Oh, no, I’m lost”, not something one usually wants to hear themselves say when roaming through a rainforest. Feeling misplaced in unfamiliar ground sounds a little alarming in theory, but in practice; it’s incredible. Immersing yourself in a biodiverse world of trees, plants and animal life while losing track of time and sense of direction is not a usual experience for most. How often does one get lost in the rainforest, walk snowy mountains and windy deserts, discover ruins of an ancient civilization – all within the space of 10-minutes?

Soon, as often as you like – thanks to the folks at ZenArt VR. Founded in March 2018 by a team of industry veterans, ZenEarth VR already has an impressive lineup of partners including Oculus, Playstation VR, VIVE, and Artomatix. By bringing people to real-life locations and allowing people to discover hidden treasures from wherever you are, ZenEarth VR believes they are “one step away from teleportation” and are incredibly excited to launch their first product with the help of Artomatix. This month, ZenEarth VR announced the news of the first destination available to the public: Belogradchik, Bulgaria. The VR studio has spent the past nine months preparing to launch and notes “there are no compromises when it comes to quality. Our philosophy is that our product must be the market benchmark for quality VR. The whole environment has to be immersive and interactive, even better than the real location.” By using a scan-based photogrammetry work-flow, the team has created high-detail realistic 3D environments in a virtual world that feels real.

How is Artomatix helping?

ZenArt VR is using ArtEngine by Artomatix to transform their scan-based textures into production-ready assets. ArtEngine automates up to 80-90% of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks tied to photogrammetry and 3D art creation. In particular, the time it would normally take to groom the many thousands of scans required for a ZenEarth VR production has been largely eliminated, thus freeing up an enormous amount of time for the team to work on higher-value tasks.

Through automation powered by AI and neural networks, the ZenArt VR team has sped up the whole development process and can launch much sooner than initially thought. Tasks that would have previously taken a week are now completed in 60-minutes or less.

Artomatix is a key factor for us – expediting the whole development process. It is one of the most important ingredients for us to scale rapidly and launch our product at a rate of 40% quicker.

Georgi Georgiev, Executive Producer at ZenArt VR

With ambitious goals, ZenArt VR and Artomatix are working together to “bring tourism home. And make people feel as if they are present in the location.” Both companies are passionate about producing the highest quality output “to allow anyone around the world, regardless of their schedule, location or ability to travel, to feel fully immersed in a virtual world.” With the product launching next month, both companies are looking forward to demonstrating the groundbreaking technology to the world.