Artomatix is an Irish technology company, focused on smart and automatic texture generation for 3D environments.

Our mission is to speed up 3D workflows while democratising 3D content creation.

Applied in the right capacity and in the correct context, artificial intelligence can automate the most tedious and repetitive tasks tied to 3D content creation, effectively accelerating workflows and reducing the cost of 3D asset production. Artomatix aims to make it easy for experts and enthusiasts alike to focus on creativity when building 3D content.

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“The implications for Artomatix's technology, both currently available and potential, are genuinely exciting.”

3D Total

“Artomatix makes life easier on [...] artists by automating the process of creating art for massive virtual environments.”


“Artomatix is on its way to help define the future of entertainment and design.”

Silicon Republic

“Artomatix sounds like a dream come true for [...] developers.”

Gaming Bolt
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