Artomatix is an Irish technology company, focused on smart and automatic texture generation for 3D environments.

Our mission is to speed up 3D workflows while democratising 3D content creation.

Applied in the right capacity and in the correct context, artificial intelligence can automate the most tedious and repetitive tasks tied to 3D content creation, effectively accelerating workflows and reducing the cost of 3D asset production. Artomatix aims to make it easy for experts and enthusiasts alike to focus on creativity when building 3D content.


Artomatix is a "deep tech" company

We use deep learning, a subset of machine learning, to address soaring needs in 3D content faced by the entertainment and visualisation industries.

Meet Example-Based Content Creation

10 years of research at the crossroads of computer graphics, deep learning and computer vision

We are building an artificial intelligence that is able to automatically create 3D content from examples it is provided with.

New applications for AI thanks to recent developments in algorithms and hardware improvements

Algorithmic developments in texture synthesis and deep learning spearheaded by Artomatix and a stark increase in computing capabilities allowed by progressively more powerful graphic processing units (GPUs) enable Artomatix to bring this technology to market.

A proprietary technology

Our team of developers and researchers have been building mountains of code that have been safely secured behind patents.

Heralding a change in 3D technology

Artificial intelligence, or as we call it Artificial Imagination, is the future of 3D

Improved processing capabilities and the development of new distribution channels like virtual reality, and augmented reality, as well as new use in general has resulted in skyrocketing needs for 3D content. Due to the manual nature of 3D content creation up to this point, industries who utilize it find it more and more difficult to meet demand, which we believe creates a golden opportunity for AI to step in and cover these needs.

Artomatix’s technology is unique in today’s 3D landscape

A versatile technology that can create any type of content once it is provided with the right input, Artomatix’s Example-Based Content Creation technology differs from traditional “procedural” methods, that allow artists to create 3D content in contexts that are both very precise (characters, cities, trees, etc.), constraint and technical.


  • Eric Risser Dr. Eric Risser Co-Founder & CTO, Artomatix
  • Bart Kiss Bart Kiss Co-Founder & COO, Artomatix
  • Joe Blake Joe Blake CEO,


  • Dr. Steve Collins Dr. Steve Collins Chairman, Artomatix | Partner, Frontline Ventures
  • Dr. Stefano Corazza Dr. Stefano Corazza Senior Director of Engineering, Adobe
  • John Huikku John Huikku CG Supervisor, Tau Films
  • Prof. Connelly Barnes Prof. Connelly Barnes Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
  • Mike Walsh Mike Walsh Vice President of Developer Relations, FACE IT


Artomatix introduces a way to increase video resolution

Late in the year Artomatix shows the results of their video up-res technology and research. Launching a video and hosting a webinar they share very promising results using neural networks that rival contemporaries, and in many cases surpasses them.

Watch the Video Up-Res Demo
Artomatix given a platform and hosted by nVidia at SIGGRAPH

At the prestigious graphics conference in Los Angeles, Artomatix is given a chance to demonstrate their technology on a global stage. Using this oppurtunity they highlight their growing position as a fixture in the photogrammetry pipeline.

Watch the Photogrammetry Processing Demo
Artomatix wins NVidia's $100,000 Early Stage Challenge
Artomatix Announces a Way to Change the Style of 3D Assets
Artomatix Announces a Way to Change the Style of 3D Assets

In January 2017, Artomatix’s research team publishes a paper that pushes forward the field of visual content creation using deep learning, which is in parts manifested by groundbreaking results automatically applying style transfer to 3D assets.

Watch the Style Transfer Demo
Artomatix Closes on its €2.1m Seed Round Funding

The funding round is comprised of Enterprise Ireland—an Irish government agency in charge of promoting economic development—as well as several key angel investors and the European Commission through their Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program for high potential European companies.

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Artomatix launches in beta at the Game Developers Conference

At the videogames industry leading conference (GDC), Artomatix releases a cloud-based application of its technology.

watch the 10 best future gaming tech at GDC 2016 according to Gameranx
Artomatix reaches the semifinals of TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch identify and promotes tech projects amongst the World’s most promising every year through their Disrupt conference. Artomatix competes and reaches the semifinals of the competition (top 2.5%).

Watch Artomatix's pitch at TechCrunch Disrupt
Artomatix wins NVidia's $100,000 Early Stage Challenge
Artomatix wins NVidia's $100,000 Early Stage Challenge
Artomatix wins NVidia's $100,000 Early Stage Challenge

NVIDIA’s Early Stage Challenge recognizes companies in emerging fields of technology; just one year after its founding, Artomatix competes and wins the Grand Prize: $100,000.

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The Founding of Artomatix

Nearly a year after Dr. Eric Risser finished his PhD at Trinity College (Dublin), he moves on to found Artomatix, which is hosted by NDRC, a leading Irish incubator.

Join our team We are always looking for new talented people to join our team.


“The implications for Artomatix's technology, both currently available and potential, are genuinely exciting.”

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“Artomatix makes life easier on [...] artists by automating the process of creating art for massive virtual environments.”


“Artomatix is on its way to help define the future of entertainment and design.”

Silicon Republic

“Artomatix sounds like a dream come true for [...] developers.”

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