The perfect companion for a scan-based workflow, this module automates the time consuming tasks surrounding scan clean-up and grooming into game-ready assets.

Material Processing has multiple applications. It enables you to create new larger materials from smaller samples, it also automates the removal of seams to ensure materials can tile perfectly, and removes many of the time-consuming and repetitive that can slow down production workflows.

Material Processing features allow the removal of unwanted images—for example, if you want to remove leaves from a grass texture texture, or stray objects from grass or sand, then this feature is perfect. Material Processing is the foundation of an example-based workflow such as scanning and photogrammetry. 

Speaking as a texture creator, Artomatix truly is a God-send. The material synthesis features allow me to speed up the processing of my raw scans by at least 50%.”

EDUARD CALIMAN – 3D Visualization Artist In Architecture


The Material Processing Module is used to solve specific steps in the artistic workflow, making significant time savings, and turbocharging creative productivity.

This node allows AI to imagine seemingly endless possibilities based on one input. Artists can bring greater variety and life to the environments created, and quadruple texture libraries.


Mutate PBR materials into infinite new variations, making them seamless. This module can also automate the removal of unwanted seams, saving minutes, hours & days of painstaking effort. 

Pattern Unwarp 

Automatically detect a pattern and unwarp it so any regular pattern in the texture will be aligned in the image space. This removes the pain of warping textures such as wrinkles and stretching. 

Material Preparation Use Case

Use Case: Photogrammetry clean up
Time saved: 55+ minutes

When grooming a raw photogrammetry scan into a final game asset, Artomatix is now the default tool of choice.
Taking the baked results of photogrammetry software like Agisoft or Reality Capture Artists can immediately bring the results to Artomatix, wherein they can begin to polish it. If there is blurring or other problems areas in the scan they can quickly be masked, and the areas are filled to deliver clean, homogenous materials.

Seam Removal

This feature allows artists to automatically remove seams on all of their maps in a fraction of the time of standard seam removal procedures. ArtEngine takes this arduous process and enables you to remove seams in just 30 seconds. You can also specify areas to ignore or keep intact before removing the seams. The most advanced seam removal tool on the market. 

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Texture Mutation

Generate seamless variants from an input material and grow it to your desired size. This can be used to avoid all assets, that use the one material, looking exactly the same. It can also be used to grow a material out to a bigger size without having obvious repeats. Performed in under a minute, Texture Mutation brings greater variety and life to the environments you create.

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Pattern Unwarp

Scanning soft body objects, such as cloth typically exhibit bending and unwarping – such as wrinkles and stretching. When this happens, we have the functionality to remove the pain by automatically detecting the pattern and unwarping it so that any any regular pattern in the texture will be aligned in the image space.

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If your studio would like a customised demonstration of the ArtEngine product from Artomatix, please contact us and we’ll book you in. 

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Artomatix has built the world’s first 3D art engine. Our set of products and services help people to express their creativity. We believe this technology has the potential to significantly change every industry exposed to 3D content: video games, movies, special effects, industrial design, and beyond. Our team works where art and technology collide.

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