Into the Cave with Pete McNally

Pete McNally is a Senior Designer/3D Generalist with over 14 years experience in the Irish games industry. He works with an Emmy award-winning tech firm, and he has also worked with a twice Oscar-nominated animation studio. We were really impressed with some work that he did recently using Artomatix as part of our Alpha group, which he subsequently published on his blog:

Here’s what Pete had to say. 

“I had a partial scan that hadn’t resolved well  it was wet rock on a very sunny day so large areas of detail were missed or were blurry. I baked out what I had in 3DSMAX, diffuse, normals, AO, height and a shadow map used to help with manual de-lighting in Photoshop. I ran these textures through Artomatix for seam removal and it tiled them quite nicely. After some tweaking, I applied the material to a sphere in Toolbag 3 and tested out some lighting environments, before applying the same material to the inside of a curved cylinder and tiling appropriately, to make the cavernous environment you see below. Not bad for a single material!”

Here’s the post that Pete published when he gave Artomatix a run through for texture mutation and seam removal.

And here is his further exploration of working with Artomatix and partial scans. :