Company – Texture Creation Suite

The Artomatix mission is to use Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning to solve the problem that
making art to create 3D worlds costs too much, takes too long and underutilizes artistic talents.


This is achieved in three ways:

1. Through replacing non-creative, tedious work with automation
2. Aiding/Accelerating the artist through the iterative creative stages
3. Allowing an artist to spend more time being creative


Our artificial intelligence is the ultimate robot assistant. It’s fast, reliable and it can only extend, rather than replace an artist.
We call this new paradigm example based art creation.

1ST MARCH 2017

Artomatix raises €2.1 million to further develop an Artificial Intelligence that automatically creates 3D, makes breakthrough in Style Transfer



Our Team

Eric Risser

Eric Risser

Founder and CTO
Neal O'Gorman

Neal O’Gorman

Co-founder and CEO

Bart Kiss

Co-founder and COO

Tom Mason

Lead Engineer

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Stefano Corrazza

Dr. Stefano Corazza

Sr. Principal Scientist at Adobe and founder at Mixamo
Steven Collins

Dr. Steven Collins

Chairman at Artomatix – Founder / CTO at Swrve
John Huikku

John Huikku

3D Supervisor, Brown Bag Films, formerly Disney Animation and Weta Digital
Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh

Vice President, Developer Relations at FACE IT Ltd.
Connely Barnes

Prof. Connelly Barnes

Assistant Professor at University of Virginia