Empower millions of people creating 3D content

3D is experiencing a 2.5x growth over the next 6 years and is set to reach an overall size of €282bn in 2022.

Work in ‘deep tech’, at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence

Artomatix is a ‘deep tech’ company

We bring to the market a complex piece of technology that can change the World, which is infinitely more complex – and potentially infinitely more rewarding – than bringing an incremental innovation in, say, a business model to market.

Join one of Europe’s most promising startups

In March 2017, Artomatix closed on a €2.1m seed investment led by the Executive Agency for SMEs (European Commission), Enterprise Ireland and angel investors, funding us for the next 2 years.

Technology is changing lives

Artomatix builds products and provides services that empower 3D artists, making it easier than ever to create fascinating, immersive 3D experiences.

The Artomatix Experience

We know people work best when they’re happy and challenged to keep getting even better at what they do.

Meaningful work

Artomatix is building the World’s first 3D content engine:
A set of products and services that help people to express their creativity, effectively lowering the barrier to entry for people who want to create 3D content. We believe this technology has the potential to significantly change all the markets that are exposed to 3D content: videogames, movies, special effects, industrial design, etc.

Meaningful Work
Responsibilities that make you thrive
Responsibilities that make you thrive

Artomatix is changing and growing extremely fast.
In this context, every team member needs to constantly adapt, learn quickly and take the lead on ever-so challenging topics. Our teams are small and nimble and evolve rapidly. Therefore we work quickly and collaboratively, empowering everyone to make an impact. As a result, quality work always finds its way to the limelight.

Continuous improvement

We expect every team member to want to be a master of their craft.
When working at Artomatix, people strive to reach the top of their game. Good enough is not enough when in the pursuit of excellence, a never ending chase. We aim to exceed expectations every time. This is key to being able to work autonomously and is a necessary trait for those who want to step up to lead teams and projects as we achieve our goals and make even more daring plans.

Continuous Improvement
Enriching Diversity
An enriching diversity

Different people bring different insights.
Creating disruptive technology requires being a radical; we are committed not only to celebrating diversity of thought and identity, but growing it from the ground up. That’s why our teams are made up of an incredible range of talented people, stemming from 8 different countries.

An outstanding location

Our Dublin home is situated at the heart of the city:
we are very proud to be an Irish start-up. Innovation, vitality and creativity flow in our office spaces: we are located in the Greenway Hub, a brand new building dedicated to research and startups. As part of the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Campus, the location features many amenities: cafeteria, gym, football and rugby pitches, a rooftop with an outstanding view of the city, etc.

Outstanding Location
Well-being, As it should be
Well-being, as it should be

Play: join in our video game tournaments.
Socialize: get ready for our weekly hangouts.
Enjoy: our office is located in Smithfield, one of the best and most animated neighborhoods of Dublin, featuring the Barbers and Dice pubs, the Light House Cinema, the Old Jameson Distillery and several seriously good restaurants.

What do Artomatoes love most?

"The ability to build a world changing tech" "The fast pace, the feeling that I’m sitting on a rocket" "We dream big, think bold, roll up our sleeves, and get work done. We’re always growing and pushing our limits" "This is the kind of place where I can start a sentence with, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if…’ and the next day we’re making it happen"


Now is the time to join one of Europe's most exciting startups

Jump onboard now and give a new dimension to your career.

Product Manager

Strong 3D background | Product roadmap definition | Execution

Graphic Designer (6 month internship)

UX/UI | Branding | Marketing


Full-Stack | Computer graphics knowledge | 1-2 years of experience

Senior Developer

Full-Stack | Computer graphics mastery | 5+ years of experience

Quality Assurance Engineer

Software testing | Quality systems management | C-like coding


Machine learning | Deep learning | Computer vision

Research Assistant

Turning proof of concept algorithms into scalable solutions

Business Developer
(6 month internship)

Sales | Inbound marketing | Business operations

We are always looking for new talented people to join our team

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