Photorealistic 3D textures that help you sell We create high quality textures to make your products look authentic to your audience.

Do you need to turn real world surfaces into photorealistic textures?

Using proprietary, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, Artomatix creates high-quality, tileable 3D textures in any resolution up to 8K from:

pictures of your real-world samples
pictures of real-world samples

Take a single flat picture of your sample, we will take it, generate maps, and return a final digital material.

PBR textures that need to be refined
unpolished scans

Make scans of your samples, send the baked textures to us, and receive polished seamless maps in return.

We help industrial companies render their catalog with their actual textures

Do you also need to boost your texture library?

  • Multiply your textures
  • Create infinite materials
  • Up-res your textures
Learn more about our Library Expansion Service

Why use Artomatix

The best results on the market
The best results on the market

Artomatix’s technology has been praised by Fortune 500 companies, leading movies, VFX and videogames studios. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms create outstanding quality textures on any materials: textile, leather, skin, marble, brick walls, etc.

A turnkey solution
Quality, delivered

Our AI processes and creates the textures, but a human eye will always review it. We follow strict quality assurance steps meaning that your output caliber is guaranteed.

A turnkey solution
A turnkey solution

Free yourself from the constraints tied to 3D texture processing: Artomatix turns any input texture into a material that suits your needs, handling everything for you.

A fast turnaround time
A fast turnaround time

We stand behind our estimates for production timelines. In cases of emergency need, we offer 1-day or 2-day rush services.

Only pay for textures you love
We stand behind our work

We will only bill for the textures that are up to the standards of quality you are looking for. Get in touch and we will happily conduct a trial.

Supported Texture Maps
  • - Diffuse / Albedo -
  • - Normal -
  • - Displacement -
  • - Roughness -
  • - Curvature -
  • - Ambient Occlusion -
  • - Metalness -
Supported Image formats
  • - JPG / JPEG (8-Bit) -
  • - TGA (8-Bit) -
  • - PNG (8,16-Bit) -
  • - EXR (16,32-Bit) -
  • - TIFF (8,16,32-Bit) with exceptions -
Up to 8K Output Resolution

Need convincing? Get in touch with us and see how we can help you create digital texture representations of your products.

How to get started:

Get a Quote
Share your needs with us and get a quote

Let us know more about your situation, so we can craft a solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Send us your content, safely
Send us your content, safely

Using your delivery system of choice, share your content with us so that we can begin working for you.

Receive our results, review them
Receive and review results

Your results are already there: review them and ensure that they are in line with your expectations.

Contact us now! Get in touch with us and see how we can help you with digital representations of textures for your products.

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