Repurpose your texture library Do not let valuable content sleep on your hard drive, make the most out of it.

Missing the support of old texture assets that are now defunct?

Bring them up to date and ensure that they fit in a modern pipeline.

Through a set of proprietary features, Artomatix allows you to repurpose your existing repository of 3D content in all resolutions up to and including 8K.

create high fidelity variants of your textures, in any size you want
Create high fidelity variants of your textures, in any size you want

Do you have the right textures, but not in the right size? Artomatix can create variations of your textures in any size you want. Do not let real-time rendering prevent you from using your high resolution textures.

create ‘Infinite Materials’: variants of your textures that tile non-repetitively
Create Infinite Materials: variants of your textures that tile non-repetitively

Tired of going between materials to textures environments? Artomatix turns your textures into Infinite Materials, a clever puzzle solved at run-time that eliminates repetition. Relax while we create a library of Infinite Materials.

increase the resolution of your textures
Increase the resolution of your textures

Frustrated you cannot use your old textures because their resolution is too low? While respecting the structure of your input materials, Artomatix increases their resolution to match current and future production requirements. The ideal feature to bring you library up to date and make it future-proof.

Why use Artomatix

The best results on the market
The best results on the market

Artomatix’s technology has been praised by Fortune 500 companies, leading movies, VFX and videogames studios. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms create outstanding quality textures on any materials: textile, leather, skin, marble, brick walls, etc.

A turnkey solution
Quality, delivered

Our AI processes and creates the textures, but a human eye will always review it. We follow strict quality assurance steps meaning that your output caliber is guaranteed.

A turnkey solution
A turnkey solution

Free yourself from the constraints tied to 3D texture processing: Artomatix turns any input texture into a material that suits your needs, handling everything for you.

A fast turnaround time
A fast turnaround time

We stand behind our estimates for production timelines. In cases of emergency need, we offer 1-day or 2-day rush services.

Only pay for textures you love
We stand behind our work

We will only bill for the textures that are up to the standards of quality you are looking for. Get in touch and we will happily conduct a trial.

Supported Texture Maps
  • - Diffuse / Albedo -
  • - Normal -
  • - Displacement -
  • - Roughness -
  • - Curvature -
  • - Ambient Occlusion -
  • - Metalness -
Supported Image formats
  • - JPG / JPEG (8-Bit) -
  • - TGA (8-Bit) -
  • - PNG (8,16-Bit) -
  • - EXR (16,32-Bit) -
  • - TIFF (8,16,32-Bit) with exceptions -
Up to 8K Output Resolution

Need convincing? Get in touch with us and see how we can help you create digital texture representations of your products.

How to get started

Get a Quote
Share your needs with us and get a quote

Let us know more about your situation, so we can craft a solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Send us your content, safely
Send us your content, safely

Using your delivery system of choice, share your content with us so that we can begin working for you.

Receive our results, review them
Receive and review results

Your results are already there: review them and ensure that they are in line with your expectations.

Contact us now! Get in touch with us and see how we can help you with repurposing you texture libraries.

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