Artomatix is revolutionising how you create 3D representations of your products We help companies like yours to embrace the complex shift towards 3D visualisation.

Use 3D visualisation to meet your business goals

We help industrial companies render their catalog with their actual textures
3D Prototyping

Slash your prototyping costs and shorten the iteration phases by creating 3D representations instead of physical prototypes.

Marketing materials

You don’t need a photoshoot for each product to create compelling commercials. Create up-to-date and photorealistic representations of your products.

Online customisation

Allow your customers to personalise before purchasing, changing parameters down to the smallest details.


Bring a fantastic product discovery experience to your customers in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

We take physical examples of materials and process them into high quality textures that are ready for use with 3D models.

In a snap, get accurate and real life-like 3D representations of your products’ materials

Start from the assets you have
Start from the assets you have

Whatever the material your product is built with, (fabric, leather, wood, patterns, etc.) send us the assets you have or feed our API with it.

real-world samples you send our way
Physical samples of the material
pictures of your real-world samples
Pictures of the material
PBR textures that need to be refined
3D scans of the material

Make your product material look photorealistic and appealing in 3D
Make your product material look photorealistic and appealing in 3D

Let Artomatix handle the technical, expensive and time-consuming steps necessary to obtain an outstanding result.

  • Make the product material work in 3D environments, i.e. reacting correctly under any lighting condition.
  • Remove any defect that the digital product material features in comparison with the original material: this may include scans holes, unwanted detail or aspect of the material.
  • If needed, enhance the resolution of the digitised material, to make it suitable for use in consumer-facing 3D content.
  • Remove the unwanted seam lines that appear on the product material when applying it on the model, i.e. make the texture tile seamlessly.
  • Make the 3D texture suit the required resolutions and aspect ratios, which are specific to each use of the visualisation (e-commerce, prototyping, virtual reality, marketing materials, etc.).
Make your product material look photorealistic and appealing in 3D

Create high-end 3D representations of your products
Create high-end 3D representations of your products

Use the output textures we provide you with and render them to obtain the final 3D visualisation.

Apply the high-quality and tileable texture onto your product model to obtain the photorealistic visualisation of your product. Your cutting-edge 3D content is now ready to be shared!

Create high-end 3D representations of your products

Why use Artomatix

Guaranteed fidelity and quality
Guaranteed fidelity and quality

Outputs will consistently meet all the required conditions. We will only bill for the textures that are up to the standards of quality you are looking for.

Fast turnaround time
Fast turnaround time

Our tools are built to scale and can deal with large backlogs of textures efficiently.

Cost-effective production
Cost-effective production

Artomatix’s solution represents a significant saving vs. doing it internally or through outsourcers. An outsourcer costs up to four times more than Artomatix’s solution.

Easy to integrate in your workflow
Easy to integrate in your workflow

As a turnkey solution, Artomatix can be adapted to any of your practices and preferences. We provide constant support to our users.

Use Artomatix on any type of material

Organic Materials
Organic Materials

Wood, bark, grass and sand amongst others.

Man-made materials
Man-made materials

Concrete, brick and rusted metals are processed effectively.

Complex materials
Complex materials

Artomatix supports textures that incorporate structure and symmetry patterns.

3D scans
3D scans

Clean up your photogrammetric scans by filling holes and making the texture tileable.

It’s not magic, it’s science

We use advanced neural network algorithms to automate tasks that only artists could previously do. While our process is not 100% automatic, we reduce 90% of the manual effort necessary to groom a scan into a production ready asset. This translates to better prices, quicker turnaround times and less human error.

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They have tried our technology

Artomatix’s technology has been praised by Fortune 500 companies, leading movies, VFX and videogames studios.

If you could automate even 5% of the 3D content creation pipeline, you'd be onto something huge but as it stands, I feel Artomatix will go well beyond this potential. This is a game-changer.

Mike Oliver
Technical Art Director, Crystal Dynamics

Artomatix is revolutionizing 3D art and design by applying machine learning to computer graphics to create an artificial imagination. It can speed up 3D content creation by a factor of ten to a hundred while boosting quality and diversity.

Tipatat Chennavasin
Co-Founder and General Partner, the Venture Reality Fund

Cater Artomatix to your needs

Go with the solution that best suits your needs
The Artomatix Services
Our Services

Enjoy a turnkey service that will ensure that you receive the materials you need, precisely when you need them.

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The Artomatix API

Integrate our API to your automated pipeline to use our technology at your convenience.

Learn more about the Artomatix API

Supported File Formats

Texture Maps
  • - Diffuse / Albedo -
  • - Normal -
  • - Displacement -
  • - Roughness -
  • - Curvature -
  • - Ambient Occlusion -
  • - Metalness -
Image formats
  • - JPG / JPEG (8-Bit) -
  • - TGA (8-Bit) -
  • - PNG (8,16-Bit) -
  • - EXR (16,32-Bit) -
  • - TIFF (8,16,32-Bit) with exceptions -
Up to 8K Output Resolution

Keep track of our offering Turning real life materials into 3D textures for product visualisation.

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