Product – Texture Creation Suite

What is Artomatix?


Artomatix is a PBR texture service suite that employs the help of Machine Learning software on some of the worlds most powerful servers to minimize Texture Artists workload. Artomatix aims to do the work for you.

Artomatix can be used through the chrome app or on one of our game engine integrations.
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5.0 - 5.3.5, Windows OS
4.11 and 4.13, Windows OS

What can Artomatix do for me?

Seam removal

High quality automated seam removal.

Texture mutation

Example-based automated texture generation/growth.

Infinity tile

Automatically generate an extremely cost-efficient texture tile.

Feature removal

Intelligently remove any unwanted features from your texture.

Gradient removal

Instantly remove any unwanted gradients from your texture.

Will my textures work?

Artomatix works with PNG, JPEG, TIFF, TGA from 256×256 to 8192×8192.

Currently, Artomatix supports Diffuse/Albedo, Normal, Displacement and Specular maps.

What is an Infinity Tile?

Infinity Tiles merge traditional procedural texturing with our new example based approach. Given an example material, Artomatix creates a set of new tiles which can fit together like a puzzle. This puzzle is solved in-engine at run-time, maximizing visual fidelity and variety, minimizing repetitious artifacts and performance costs.

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Enthusiasts Indies Professionals Enterprise
Pay as you go $2 / asset $4 / asset $20 / asset -
    $9 / month     $19 / month $99 / month Contact Us
Output size Up to 2k Up to 4k Up to 8k Up to 8k
PBR maps supported Up to 2 Up to 4 4+ 4+
Unlimited downloads
Seam Removal enabled
Texture Mutation enabled
Infinity Tiles enabled
HDR images
Batch processing
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Artomatix is free to use, but outputs will be watermarked. To unmark your assets, buy a subscription. Alternatively, outputs can be purchased on an individual basis.

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Can I use Artomatix for free?


You can upload your own textures, remove the seams, grow your textures and even create an infinity tile all for free. However, when you download the texture it will contain watermarks.  

This allows you to test the service and confirm it gives you the incredible results you are looking for.

Do you have educational plans?

As we’ve been approached by a number of schools, we’ve put in place a school plan so that students can benefit from Artomatix during their studies.

Please contact us at if you’re a student or a lecturer who would like to see our service available for your class.