Artomatix is a "deep tech" company

We use deep learning, a subset of machine learning, to address soaring needs in 3D content faced by the entertainment and visualisation industries.

Meet Example-Based Content Creation

10 years of research at the crossroads of computer graphics, deep learning and computer vision

We are building an artificial intelligence that is able to automatically create 3D content from examples it is provided with.

New applications for AI thanks to recent developments in algorithms and hardware improvements

Algorithmic developments in texture synthesis and deep learning spearheaded by Artomatix and a stark increase in computing capabilities allowed by progressively more powerful graphic processing units (GPUs) enable Artomatix to bring this technology to market.

A proprietary technology

Our team of developers and researchers have been building mountains of code that have been safely secured behind patents.

Heralding a change in 3D technology

Artificial intelligence, or as we call it Artificial Imagination, is the future of 3D

Improved processing capabilities and the development of new distribution channels like virtual reality, and augmented reality, as well as new use in general has resulted in skyrocketing needs for 3D content. Due to the manual nature of 3D content creation up to this point, industries who utilize it find it more and more difficult to meet demand, which we believe creates a golden opportunity for AI to step in and cover these needs.

Artomatix’s technology is unique in today’s 3D landscape

A versatile technology that can create any type of content once it is provided with the right input, Artomatix’s Example-Based Content Creation technology differs from traditional “procedural” methods, that allow artists to create 3D content in contexts that are both very precise (characters, cities, trees, etc.), constraint and technical.

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