Bringing AI to digital art creation and sharing it with the world

Artomatix leverages Texture Synthesis and Deep Learning algorithms at the cutting edge of R&D to create a new generation of products for artists that automate previously manual tasks and maximise creativity.

If you could automate even 5% of the 3D content creation pipeline, you'd be onto something huge but as it stands, I feel Artomatix will go well beyond this potential. This is a game-changer.

Mike Oliver
Technical Art Director, Crystal Dynamics

Artomatix is something truly special. I am incredibly excited to see where this goes.

Phil McDarby
Art Director and Matte Painter, Brown Bag Films

Content generation is a huge issue for the game development and VFX industries, and smart tools that can automate away a lot of the drudgery will be enormously important.

Paul Callendar
CEO, Surface Mimic

Artomatix is revolutionizing 3D art and design by applying machine learning to computer graphics to create an artificial imagination. It can speed up 3D content creation by a factor of ten to a hundred while boosting quality and diversity.

Tipatat Chennavasin
Co-Founder and General Partner, the Venture Reality Fund

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